Can We Get Utility Bill Satisfaction in These Frigid Temps?

In the Mid-Atlantic region so far in 2018, the weather has been brutal. Record-breaking temps dominated the first few weeks of the year, dropping into single digits or below zero with seemingly no end in sight. Now that February has set in, there is perhaps some relief and folks are sporting their shorts when the temp goes over 32 degrees. So it’s not quite so frigid. We can handle it. But what about our utility bills? Can we handle those???


After this post from a Facebook user, commenters chimed in with their thoughts.

Some said their bills were $700. Some were grateful they signed up for budget billing. One user contemplated getting a second job while another joked that she might have to sell her child to pay her bill. A smart user commented that she used to dread her bill until she had her home weatherized and now she has seen a dramatic decrease in her bill. Even when you diligently lower your thermostat and turn off your lights, you are bound to feel the burn on your bill this time of year.

EZ Green Home can help you not be so afraid of your utility bill. Check out some energy-saving products in our store and utilize our energy-efficient home services. Try to set your thermostat to 68 degrees and set your water heater to 120 degrees. Consider how much heat and air you lose in your windows and doors and call or click EZ Green Home to get you saving and staying warm.



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