Professional Training

Interested in a career in green buildings, sustainable design or energy efficiency? We have partnered with the American Institute of Building Science to offer professional development courses to train you to understand the importance of building science and prepare for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) certifications for Building Analyst, Envelope Professional and Healthy Homes Evaluator.

Class Offerings:

Go beyond a traditional energy audit to perform comprehensive, whole-home assessments, identify problems at the root cause and prescribe and prioritize solutions based on building science.

The BPI Building Analyst certification will allow you to expand your skill set. You will learn how to trace problems to their root causes, prescribe real solutions and get the job done right—the first time. These credentials help distinguish certified professionals in the industry with proven knowledge, skills and abilities in whole house home performance assessments, building envelope evaluations, HVAC testing and more.


Oct 2-6: Carson City

Oct 9-13: Las Vegas

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The BPI Envelope Professional Certification enhances your credibility with homeowners, making it easier to close jobs and grow your business. This course teaches you to quantify performance and prescribe improvements to help tighten the building envelope (shell), stop uncontrolled air leakage and optimize comfort, durability and HV/AC performance.

Use this certification to test out homes after retrofit work is performed, ensuring homeowners that the money they spent on improvements made a difference on the comfort and energy efficiency of their home.


Oct. 2 -6: Carson City, NV

Oct. 9 – 13: Las Vegas, NV

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Demand is growing for preventative home health assessments and interventions in the public and private marketplace. From identifying asthma triggers and risk of lead poisoning to testing for CO and other health hazards, tremendous opportunity exists to incorporate healthy home measures into home performance assessments.

Developed in partnership with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI), this certification builds upon the BPI Building Analyst (BA), or BPI Envelope Professional certifications to verify competencies required to conduct in-depth healthy home environmental risk assessments. The Healthy Home Evaluator assesses home-based environmental health and safety hazards and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to address those hazards.

Classes coming soon! Message us at for more details.

Limited on time, but determined to learn everything you can about the building analyst, and envelope professional? Register for both classes in one and save both time and money.

Oct 2-6 — Carson City NV


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July 17th – July 22nd — Columbia, MD

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Exams for certification renewal or re-test are available for BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional or Healthy Homes. Note: no first time tests available without training at EZ Green Home.

BPI Building Analyst Written Exam | BPI Building Analyst Field Exam

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BPI Envelope Professional Written Exam | BPI Envelope Professional Field Exam

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BPI Healthy Home Evaluator Written Exam

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Meet Our Master Trainer

His passion for the subject matter and industry are contagious. He is motivated to have students fully understand the ‘why’ behind concepts and is dedicated to helping mentor students in taking the next step in their career. He also is owner and head instructor for the American Institute of Building Science, a BPI Test Center.

Mark Lera has over 30 years of training seasoned contractors and craftsmen in the ever-changing landscape of the home performance industry. Using a very hands-on approach he makes learning the new standards in ventilation, health, safety and building construction easy to understand and navigate. His training style is ensuring all understand the importance behind principles, terminology and concepts of building science.

His qualifications include:

  • BPI – Certified Super Proctor, Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, Healthy Home Evaluator, Manufactured Housing Professional
  • National Center for Construction Education & Research – Certified Master Trainer, Certified Assessment Administrator, Certified Accreditation Visitor
  • Western Nevada College – Certified Inspector of Structures – Residential