Did you know that the culprit of energy loss in your home could be ineffective ductwork? In fact, 25% to 40% of your home’s heating and cooling loss is through leaks in your air duct system. The good news for your well-being and your wallet is that you can significantly reduce the energy use in your home by checking and sealing these leaky ducts.

During the change in seasons, warm or cold air is meant to flow through the ducts to the rooms in your home keeping you warm and toasty in the winter and cool in the blazing summer. Do you see yourself reaching to turn up the thermostat now that Fall has settled in, only to realize that not much more heat has been coming through but your bill is still soaring? There is a strong chance that your ducts are not sealed properly, since most homes were not built with energy efficiency in mind. As energy savings techniques are becoming not just a trend, but the new normal, homebuilders and contractors are responding.

Keep your family warm this Fall and Winter—and safe from dust and allergens circulating through your ducts—by making your air flow work smarter, not harder, and reap the benefits. Utilize EZ Green Home’s 3-step process: Test, Clean, and Seal.

First, determine air leakage using state-of-the-art equipment. Then, remove pollutants after pinpointing the location of built up dust and debris in vents, registers, and filters. Finally, seal using patented Aeroseal technology. Not sealing your ducts after having them cleaned is like driving through a mud puddle after washing your car. Sealing ducts from within can reduce leakage up to 90% to provide clean indoor air. Get a Home Performance with Energy Star assessment to save $500-$750 off!

Learn more about how EZ Green Home can provide these services and more and you will be well on your way to breathing clean fresh air in the comfort of your home — the best place on Earth.


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