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Do you have a room that’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter? No matter what you do to reduce your energy use, do your bills stay high? The Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program offers a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and safety while helping to reduce your energy use by 10 to 20%.

The Home Performance Audit starts at just $100* (a $400 value) for qualified Maryland utility customers. Ask us if you qualify. After the audit, ENERGY STAR® rebates of $200 to $7,500 from the Smart Energy Savers Program may be available. For more information on specific measures and rebates, click here.

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What to Expect from Your Home Performance Audit

The full home performance audit takes 3-4 hours. Our certified professionals use diagnostic equipment to analyze the home. While doing the audit, s/he is happy to answer any questions about your energy systems.

In addition to the home audit, more energy saving measures may be installed. This allows homeowners to start consuming less energy and saving more money immediately!

Your full home performance report will be compiled by your energy professional using advanced modeling software and delivered to you within a week of your audit. The report will include a comprehensive summary of your energy systems, high impact recommendations for efficiency upgrades and list of recommendations prioritized by cost and impact to your home to help guide your decisions on any improvement projects.

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What Your Home Energy Audit Includes

  • Blower Door Test — This test uses the combination of pressure and airflow measurements to determine your home’s air leakage, which contributes to comfort and indoor air quality issues, and higher energy costs.
  • Thermal Camera — We use infrared images to assess the effectiveness of your home’s insulation. Insulation directly impacts a home’s comfort and energy efficiency performance.
  • Combustion + Safety Testing — This is done to detect carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks inside and outside your home. High levels of carbon monoxide and gas leaks pose severe health risks to you and your family.

Home Performance with Energy Star Rebates

Based on approved measures, a homeowner may qualify for the following after their audit:

Air Sealing and Insulation Measures A $7,500 maximum† based on the modeled reduction of electric and natural gas consumption
Duct Sealing $500 per system standalone, $750 per system when paired with air sealing and insulation work
Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment Rebates A $7,500 maximum† based on the modeled reduction of electric and natural gas consumption

  †$7,500 maximum or 75% off for entire project work scope.

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Typical Home Improvements

After diagnosing your home performance, our Building Analyst will work with you to recommend only the work your home needs based on your concerns and budget. Additionally, they will do their due-diligence to find you the maximum rebates you qualify for.