Even Small Changes Can Lower Your Bills in Atlantic City, NJ

Most Atlantic City, NJ area homeowners don’t know this, but it’s actually possible to make energy efficiency updates on their power company’s dime. You do so by having EZ Green Home perform a Quick Home Energy Check-up on your home. The cost of the Quick Home Energy Check-up is 100% paid by your power company — we diagnose potential energy wasters in your home and make small changes to decrease your energy usage and lower your bills and you don’t pay a dime!

If you want to do even more to lower your utility bills, take the next step with a comprehensive Home Performace Audit where we will uncover every energy waster in your home and provide you with a detailed action plan of Energy-Saving Home Upgrades you can make to cut your utility payments by $100s per year.

Homeowners all over the Atlantic City area have taken advantage of our energy efficiency services and are enjoying their energy savings. Just read our reviews to see scheduling your FREE Quick Home Energy Check-up can help you!