Take Advantage of Energy Efficiency Hacks to Lower Your Bills in Rockford, IL

With energy costs rising across the country, Rockford, IL area homeowners are looking for ways to lower their utility bills. That’s where EZ Green Home comes in. We work with your utility company to provide a Quick Home Energy Check-up where we diagnose potential energy wasters in your home and make small changes to decrease your energy usage and lower your bills — all at absolutely no cost to you!

If you’re interested in doing more, we also offer a comprehensive Home Performace Audit where we will uncover every energy waster in your home and provide you with a detailed roadmap of Energy-Saving Upgrades you can make to drastically cut your utility payments.

Our certified energy efficiency professionals work hard to make your home as efficient as possible. Just read our reviews to see how the simple changes we’ve made in homes all over the Rockford area have helped your neighbors! Then contact us to schedule your FREE Quick Home Energy Check-up!